Equestrian training photoshoot

Photoshoot overview

This offer is for riders on any level. I take candid shots to capture only the best, natural moments of your interaction with your horse on a riding area. It’s a wonderful souvenir for anyone who loves horses! If your horse riding instructor or horse trainer is present during our meeting, they can also be included in the photos. For the photos to look as good as possible, each one you receive will have been edited in an original yet precise way.

Number of photos, time and cost estimates

PACKAGE 1: 10 digital photos (for personal, non-commercial use only); max 1,5h; 400 PLN (+35 PLN per every additional photo).

PACKAGE 2: 15 digital photos (for personal, non-commercial use only); max 1,5h; 525 PLN (+30 PLN per every additional photo).

PACKAGE 3: 25 digital photos (for personal, non-commercial use only); max 1,5h; 750 PLN (+25 PLN per every additional photo)

The prices do not include the travel cost from Szczecin (PLN 1,5 per kilometer)!

It is possible to rent horse equipment (saddle pads, bandages, hoods) and a matching outfit for a rider.

How to prepare for the photoshoot?

Make sure that equestrian equipment is clean, leather elements polished. Choose a neat saddle pad – bandages and leg wraps should match its color. When it comes to protection boots, the best suited are the classic ones (black or brown, color-coordinated with the leather).

Choose clothes that would match the horse equipment. Bring a hair band – it may come in handy. Please, do not forget about chaps if you ride in jodhpurs.

Arrive at the stable earlier than usual and clean your horse thoroughly. Focus on: cleansing the eyes, muzzles, and fetlocks areas; combing, and cutting the mane and tail straight. Apply a hoof grease once the hooves are washed. Put all the sticking out cheek straps into the loops.

You should be ready to start at the appointed hour.

The photos are taken, what happens next?

After the photoshoot, I select photos. Due to the way I work, I am the person responsible for choosing the best frames, which I process later on. The estimated waiting time is about three weeks. If you decide to buy more photos, you can choose them from unedited graphic views, which I will prepare for you.

Are you interested?
If you want to book a spot, send me a message for further information.