Equestrian competition photoshoot

Photoshoot overview

This offer is for riders on any level, as well as the organizers of equestrian competitions. I take candid shots to capture only the best, natural moments of your ride and/or the whole event. I also always try to walk around the equestrian center to catch the backstage experience. For the photos to look as good as possible, each one you receive will have been edited in an original yet precise way.

Number of photos, time and cost estimates

The duration of a competition or a performance regulates the estimated time of a photoshoot. As a competitor, you can choose the frames that interest you. The price starts at 25 PLN per photo (from a performance). When it comes to event organizers, the price is determined individually, and the best frames are chosen by the photographer.

How to prepare for the photoshoot?

Make sure that equestrian equipment is clean, leather elements polished. Choose a neat saddle pad – bandages and leg wraps should match its color. When it comes to protection boots, the best suited are the classic ones (black or brown, color-coordinated with the leather). Put all the sticking out cheek straps into the loops.

Are you interested?
If you want to book a spot, send me a message for further information.